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At Ground Works Inc. (GWI), we create safe, long-lasting, exquisite, residential, and commercial spaces. We deliver exceptional projects by maintaining deadlines, keeping budgets, and striving to maintain our corporate culture of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) policies and practices. We work for perfection and pledge always to communicate clearly and continuously with our customers. We aim to impart reliable customer service with superior craftsmanship. Gaining and maintaining our customers’ trust is paramount! The opportunity to serve others and do what we love allows us to continue to grow, employ amazing talents, and develop communities.  

We have successfully executed  Emergency Response Contracts (ERC) and gained the experience required to deliver expedited construction solutions for Humanitarian and Expeditionary requirements.  As a Government contractor, we maintain active DUNS and CAGE codes, as well as our registration with the SBA. 

When we succeed, so does every stakeholder, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Together we maintain our reputation for personalized, reliable services and high-quality work, and we welcome you to experience it for yourself.  Contact us today, no matter how small or large the project, we guarantee the same level of attention. 

Expeditionary Construction Solutions for COVID-19 Humanitarian Requirements

GWI-Wallace Group JV is poised to deliver USA manufactured Modular Containerized Units (MCU), and our Quick-Wall Panel Solution to support Government and or Privatized projects in support of COVID-19 Humanitarian efforts.

Our team of professionals are ready to deploy and assist in fighting this fight against and unwanted enemy – COVID-19. 

We pray and encourage all to work together and are poised to do our part.  Our logistics capabilities allow us to resolve challenges quickly. 

Residential Construction

We believe a home should never outgrow its family and that a remodeling project should never be a stressful experience, and instead a wonderful journey.

Commercial Construction

We are an experienced, licensed, and reputable firm with professionals equipped to take on your next commercial project.

Government & Humanitarian

Expeditionary construction for the aftermath of a human-made or natural disaster. Manufacturing of Modular Containerized Units, Quick-walls, and Sandwich Panel Structures.

Award Winning Projects

Recognized for attention to detail, superb project management, and customer service at the international level.

Dedicated & Specialized Team of Professionals

Not just a qualified but certified team of professionals with executed current background checks trusted to work in your home or place of business.

Veteran Owned Government Contractor

GWI is a service disabled veteran minority owned and operated firm, registered with the SBA, with active DUNS and CAGE code, and employing other veterans.

Tired of no-shows, little to no communication, & back sliding project schedules?

Our promise is to over-communicate, over perform, keep our time schedules, and exceed client expectations.  Whether remodeling or having to restore your home after a natural or human-made disaster does not have to be a stressful, time-consuming, long dragged out process.  

We have streamlined our planning and execution processes by implementing technological tools to assist us in communicating, reporting, and project managing.  Our project managers and craftsman take housekeeping their projects seriously. 

Our mission is to minimize disturbances, complete projects quickly without compromising quality so that you can get on with life with a newly remodeled home or place of business.    




Customers reviews

"GWI provided us with top notch services while my team was deployed in Iraq from 2007-2010. They secured a location on our behalf, did a beautiful remodeling job, and then provided superior security and life-support services to the team while we lived there. The team provided a very unique approach that allowed us to maintain the profile our company needed in a very tough environment, and was always very responsive and professional."
Scott King
Principal at Grant Thornton
"Working overseas in austere conditions with limited material resources, poorly skilled labour, and uncertain security conditions will challenge even the most effective management teams. That's when it's a genuine relief to engage a company who works to find cost-effective solutions that keeps a project from becoming bogged down with schedule delays and quality complaints. In my experience I found GWI to be such a company. More than once they leaned forward to keep jobs moving ahead but always remained pleasant to work with, an integral too. I wouldn't hesitate to engage GWI in the future."
Patrick Devine
Operations Project Manager URS
"I worked with GWI on a construction remodeling of an Iraqi military base in Normandy Iraq. There were 4 different contractors on the site and over 900 workers. GWI did an excellent job on their section, well organized, completed on time, giving the client quality products. I would recommend GWI as an outstanding company, working in a very stressful environment. They helped to get the project completed in a timely manner. I feel that GWI would do a great job for any company."
James JR Dowie
Projects Manager - TetraTech
" GWI team came through on many occasions with capable solutions and a fair price and maintain a high level of integrity. GWI management and team enabled customers to maximize results within the most challenging environments. If you need specialized support from a highly capable, integrity-driven firm, you will be well served."
Chuck Campbell
USG Advisor at SRC

About the Company

GWI is an Oklahoma established firm with international experience, beginning in 2006. It is co-founded by two U.S Army Veterans who saw a lack of reliable construction and logistics firms in the Middle East in support of Iraq’s reconstruction. GWI became a preferred contractor and extended it’s services and support to intricate build design, remodeling, life support, and logistics contracts.

Our quality assurance, military-like strategies in logistics and project management, give GWI the ability to deliver projects on time, and budget. As a result, 85% of GWI’s clients became return customers for ten executive years, winning awards and recognition by DoD and DoS.

In 2013, GWI demobilized out of the Middle East and expanded their services to other regions of the world to include Africa, Eastern Europe, and the U.S.A

Today, while we continue to seek Government contracts, our focus is on real estate development and being part of projects that support our communities. 

From new construction to remodeling of commercial or residential spaces, we bring solutions and our expertise no matter what industry we serve. We are grateful for the opportunities of the past, present, and future. 

Our goal is to bring the know-how of expeditionary construction, austere environment logistics strategies, stringent project management, and quality control experience to every project, no matter the size. 


We are offering discounts of up to 15% to 20% on remodeling projects of homes and commercial small business properties to first time clients. 
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