small to midsize business remodeling & Construction

In order to compete with new franchises, trending businesses, you cannot afford for clients to judge your business and it’s services by how it looks. 
Simple facelifts, upgrading and or changing functionality in space can make all the difference. 

our services


From design, new construction, or remodeling of new or established restaurants, food service facilities and or cafes. 


Updating the look of your small to midsize business, adding new space or just purchased a new building and need to make it your own.  

Expeditionary Construction

GWI designs and builds expeditionary construction methods for temporary or semi-permanent building solutions.  

Commercial Construction

Some of our Projects

GWI has designed and manufactured self sustaining containerized units for commercial and government use.  These units designed for multi-functionality have been used as offices, living accommodation, expeditionary hospitals, command centers and more. 

Design, and remodeling of Giolli’s Italian Restaurant – formal dining, offices and cold storage in seven thousand sf. space with new construction of a Boutique Hotel of 16 rooms.





Engineering & Design

We can build from your design or hire one of our CAD designers to develop a master plan for your project.  

New Construction

Civil works, foundation and up to 2 story building, GWI team of project managers, skilled, and certified labour will insure your project is completed on time, budget and with quality materials.


Your business needs a facelift to compete with the new franchises, large brand name businesses.  Boutique businesses are the trend and minimalist, simple line, eco-conscious businesses are getting all the attention. From design of structure, functionality, materials and layout, GWI team of professionals will make the process of revamping your business seamless and painless. 


If your business has experienced a natural or man-made disaster, we will deploy our skilled team of professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process while working with your insurance company.  Reliable, fast services without compromising on quality is the answer. 

Let Us take a Look at Your Next Project ?

Your vision is our mission.

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