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Water Damage?

will work with your insurance provider to get your home back in order


Water Damage from the Attic traveled between walls, to second and first floor causing extensive damage
to flooring, walls, traveling under carpeting. Bedroom ceiling, walls, first floor closet, living room, dining room sheetrock replacement, including plaster, paint and replacement of flooring (carpeting, wood flooring).


Residential Office water damage due to crack on copper piping. Slow leak caused mold on baseboard, walls and damage of wood flooring. Piping replaced and outside piping replaced, walls fixed to match texturing and replacement of floors.


Restoration of Government Gunstile barracks, inclusive of all electrical, plumbing, drop ceiling, fire detection, replastering, flooring, windows, doors and security upgrades.
Tel: 405 258 2112 Office: M-F 8-6
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